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The ARM Campaign is a sequence of 25 ARM missions against the CORE. The missions are summarized one per section, and include their in-game briefing, maps and victory screens.

For further details such as initial units, available tech, and suggested strategies, see the article for each specific mission. Use the numbers below to jump to the wanted mission summary.

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1: A Hero Returns[]

Arm 1 A Hero Returns.png

It was near the end of the war, and after four thousand years the Core empire stood on the brink of final victory over the Arm rebellion. Arm forces throughout the galaxy were overwhelmed by the superior numbers and firepower of the ruthless Core. Their bid for freedom nearly lost, the battered remnants of the Arm military clustered in the single star system which contained its homeworld—Empyrrean. Empyrrean too would have fallen were it not for the skill of the sole surviving Arm Commander; a shrewd tactician and resourceful warrior, the Commander took advantage of the system's relative isolation and was able to keep the enemy at bay. Arm troops weathered wave after wave of Core attacks, and it seemed as though they would be able to do so indefinitely. The stalemate ended when a small Core insertion team managed to slip through planetary defences and establish the last of a chain of space-folding Galactic Gates which led directly to the surface of Empyrrean. A decoy engagement was staged at the Arm outpost on the outer planet of Calibran in order to lure the Commander away from Emyprrean, leaving the planet virtually defenceless. The invasion began.
— Mission narration

Arm map 01.png

Establish a guard detail around the Galactic Gate.

Core agents have somehow breached our security and are on Empyrrean. Worse yet, the Commander is off-planet and Core waits in ambush near the Gate through which he must return. Take your units to the Gate and secure it. Our Commander must return safely or we are lost.

The Gate is located in the Crater to the north. Expect Core patrols.

2: Core KBot Base, Destroy It![]

Arm 2 Core KBot Base, Destroy It!.png

Although they've managed to free the captured gate and return the commander to Empyrrean, Arm troops continue to weather attacks by Core forces in increasing numbers. It became apparent that the Core had managed to construct a KBot Lab somewhere on Empyrrean itself and was building an army as fast as it could.
— Mission narration

Arm map 02.png

Build a base and destroy the Core KBot Lab.

Core has established a KBot Lab on Empyrrean! Remove its loathsome presence before Core strengthens its foothold on our homeworld!

The KBot Lab is located across the river to the south. Expect Core patrols.

3: Spider Technology[]

Arm 3 Spider Technology.png

It was during the conflict on Empyrrean that Arm scientists made a dramatic breakthrough with a new type of all terrain tank. The control brain tissue for these vehicles was hybridized with clusters of nerve cells from spiders. This allowed them to overcome perceptual difficulties which had previously made such a complex modes of locomotion impossible. The new spider tanks would give Arm the considerable advantage on difficult terrain.
— Mission narration

Arm map 03.png

Secure the Spider ATV units. One Spider must survive. Bring one of the Spider Tanks back to your base.

A group of the experimental Spider ATVs have been isolated behind enemy lines. The Spiders are armed with an effective paralyzer weapon, but will depend on your units to clear a path for them. The Spider's paralyzer weapon and superior Spider technology must not fall into Core hands.

Core has numerous patrols searching for the Spiders. Build your base quickly, and secure a Spider Tank.

Reclamation technology accelerates energy and metal acquisition.

4: Core Contamination Spreads[]

Arm 4 Core Contamination Spreads.png

The Core invasion of Empyrrean reached its most critical point, when Core forces destroyed one of the major planetary habitats and used the raw materials to construct the full-scale outpost. The Core base extracted resources directly from Empyrrean itself and began producing battle units at an alarming rate. This represented the foothold, needed by the Core for the success of its invasion of the Arm homeworld, which intended to ensure the Arm's final and complete destruction.
— Mission narration

Arm map 04.png

Locate Core mining and communications facilities. Destroy all Core units.

Core contamination of Empyrrean has gone too far! Destruction of Core mining and communications base on the frontier will disrupt Core data transmissions, and deprive Core of rare mineals.

The Core base is well protected. Establish a base in order to have sufficient strength to complete the mission. The enemy is aware of your intent and may send Pyro Assassin teams against you. A Zeus Model Arm-Zeus is provided for your protection.

Repair units when possible.

5: The Gate to Thalassean[]

Arm 5 The Gate to Thalassean.png

The Core invasion of Empyrrean had failed, although the remaining troops would fight on until they were destroyed. It was then, that the Arm commander recognized the singular opportunity to take the offensive, using the Galactic Gate against its creators. It would be the turning point of the war.
— Mission narration

Arm map 05.png

Locate the Galactic Gate. Eliminate the Core base. Destroy all other Core units and capture the Galactic Gate.

Destruction of the Core base will eliminate their foul presence from Empyrrean once and for all. The Galactic Gate through which Core entered our homeworld is in the area. Find that Gate and capture it. The Gate will be used to take the fight off-world!

Immediate construction of a secure base is critical. Core deployment is massive, and their patrols are frequent. Core's weapon technology has advanced.
You are advised to build advanced units also.
You will have a limited number of units on loan from the Empyrrean Navy at your disposal. You will find the new Triton class amphibious tank useful on this mission.

6: Beachhead on Thalassean[]

Arm 6 Beachhead on Thalassean.png

Following through the Core gate, the Arm commander made a bold counterattack on the Core outpost, from which the invasion of Empyrrean had been launched. Thalassean, a windy planet, largely covered by water, had been captured by the Core quite recently. Core forces there were unprepared for the sudden appearance of the Arm commander in the midst.
— Mission narration

Arm map 06.png

Secure a beachhead on Thalassean. Set up a base, build a shipyard, and destroy all Core units in the area.

Thalassean stands between Core and Empyrrean. It is critical that you secure Thalassean for Arm.

Expect armed guards on the Thalassean side of the Gate! Be ready for instant defensive action.

Though you may have the element of surprise when you step through the Gate, Core will rally quickly. Prepare your defenses as quickly as possible.

7: The Defense of Larab Harbor[]

Arm 7 The Defense of Larab Harbor.png

Using the advantage of surprise, the Arm commander set back the Core line on Thalassean and established a beachhead at Larab Harbor. Meanwhile, however, Core forces on the rest of the planet had had a chance to regroup. They were certain to attack.
— Mission narration

Arm map 07.png

Defend Larab Harbor. Preserve the Moho Mine there. Destroy all Core units.

The Arm stronghold and supply depot assembled at Larab Harbor must be preserved against all Core assaults. Metal is so rare on Thalassean that the Moho Mine at Larab must be protected at all cost. Should the Moho be destroyed, you will have failed your Mission.

We have reason to believe that there is a Core fleet hiding within a hurricane moving toward Larab. Be prepared! The Enemy is sure to target the Moho Mine.

8: The Gate to Tergiverse IV[]

Arm 8 The Gate to Tergiverse IV.png

With Arm presence, once again firmly rooted on Thalassean, the commander began dispatching scouting teams in search for further objectives. They were successful: a squad of P.T. boats discovered energy patterns, matching those of the Core Galactic Gate, emanating from one of the northern islands. The island was heavily guarded; it would not be taken easily.
— Mission narration

Arm map 08.png

Capture the Galactic Gate.

A squad of Skeeter scout boats has found a heavily guarded island to the north. Energy emission levels indicate that it may be the site of a Core Galactic Gate. Find that Gate and capture it. By doing so you will secure Thalassean for Arm! ...and open the door to another Core world.

Immediate construction of a secure base is critical. Core will not relinquish the gate without a fight! Be careful not to destroy the Gate with offshore bombardments!

9: The Hydration Plant[]

Arm 9 The Hydration Plant.png

Making use of a second captured Core gate, the Arm commander took a step further into Core territory. Tergiverse IV was once a sparkling water world like Thalassean, but it had been drained dry. Its resources used elsewhere in support of the war. The Core had tapped into the last significant source of water, remaining on this planet - a large underground lake, more than a mile beneath the surface.
— Mission narration

Arm map 09.png

Capture the Hydration Plant.

We have withheld our air unit capabilities in our struggle against Core, until now... Core will be expecting us to attack by using our ground forces. The time has come to surprise them. Build an Aircraft Plant and use the Air units to take out their minimal Air Defense emplacements. Build an Atlas Air Transport Unit to carry you over their ground forces and capture the Hydration Plant.

The Hydration Plant is located within fortified and patrolled territory. Your best chance of success is to fly over the Core defenses. Expect heavy Core ground forces, minimal air defense. As always, expect guards at the Gate.

10: The Bromid Maze[]

Arm 10 The Bromid Maze.png

Confronting the Core was difficult on Tergiverse IV, where its forces were already well entrenched. Arm battalions were hard-pressed to reach and destroy emplacements and protected locations, such as the Bromid Maze, a complex natural canyon formation. The tactical advantages to the Core were such, that even the Arm speedy fast KBot's scouting teams were often cut off and surrounded.
— Mission narration

Arm map 10.png

Destroy all Core units and structures.

Core emplacements entrenched within the windblown formation known as the Bromid Maze must be destroyed in order to secure Tergiverse IV.

Info Feed A Zipper scouting team has been isolated to the West. Rescue the team if you can. Their weapons and swiftness will be helpful on this Mission. If you are able to capture and interrogate a Core unit, their knowledge will become your knowledge - especially helpful in the Maze.

11: The Gate to Barathrum[]

Arm 11 The Gate to Barathrum.png

Core resistance continue to increase during the fighting on Tergiverse IV. It was clear that they had began to consider the Arm commander a serious threat. If another gate would be captured, the Arm would be deep within Core territory.
— Mission narration

Arm map 11.png

Capture the Core Gate.

Core resistance is increasing, a sure indication that we near another Gate - and through that Gate another Core world. This battle will secure Tergiverse IV for Arm and open another door. We must prevail!

There is a depression to the northeast. The Gate is thought to be located there. Expect stiff resistance from the guards posted there. The combined use of air and ground units will be especially effective on this mission.

12: Barathrum![]

Arm 12 Barathrum!.png

The Arm commander had reached Barathrum - a turbulent, young world, whose surface was just beginning to cool. Barathrum was a key, strategic point, fabulously rich in mineral resources. It supplied a large percentage of the metal, used by the Core throughout the galaxy. Control of Barathrum was critical; the fight would be intense.
— Mission narration

Arm map 12.png

Destroy or capture all Core units and structures. Capture the Moho Mine.

Priority 1
Barathrum! The molten metal-dense world where Core has established vast metal extraction farms and industrial complexes. Go for their heart Commander. Take out their extraction farm, but capture the Moho Mine. You will hurt Core severely by depriving them of the resources of Barathrum's mineral rich mantle!

The Gate will be guarded. Be ready. Secure an area and build a base ASAP. Be ready for air and ground attacks. * WARNING * Core will resist as never before. Barathrum is absolutely critical to their war effort.

13: Landown's Interface[]

Arm 13 Landown's Interface.png

When it appeared that its control of Barathrum might be compromised, the Core began concentrating its efforts at Crustal 7 - a readily defensible strong point above the sheer cliffs, known as Landown's Interface. It amassed a sizeable arsenal and initiaded the construction of a major firebase to dominate the area.
— Mission narration

Arm map 13.png

Destroy the Core base located above Landown's Interface.

Core has established an immense stockpile of war supplies, and is attempting to build a major fire base on the other side of the barrier known as "Landown's Interface". The Interface's sheer wall runs for many klicks where Crustal 8 has pushed atop Crustal 7.

You will have to find a way over Landown's Interface in order to stop Core. Take to the air Commander.

14: The Heat Increases[]

Arm 14 The Heat Increases.png

The Arm had achieved near total victory on Barathrum, when Core tank battalions instigated a renewed assault at Crustal 19. Arm casualties were heavy, as they were assaulted by wave after wave of powerful walking bombs. It appeared that the Core was protecting the Galactic Gate, located on the Crustal.
— Mission narration

Arm map 14.png

Capture the Gate on Crustal 19. Either recapture the rogue Zeus, or destroy it.

Core refuses to abandon the rich metal cauldron of Barathrum. They can be depended upon to fight hereafter with renewed determination. Sad news! Core has captured one of our Zeus units and have turned it to their uses. The Zeus contains critical information. Every moment that Core controls it bodes ill for Arm. Recapture the Zeus if you can. If not, destroy it. Push through their defenses. Push on... to another world.

Core can be depended upon to throw everything they've got at you in an effort to deny you the Gate located among the giant lava globules to the east. Be ready for the Core walking bombs known as Roaches. They are relentless, and incredibly destructive.

15: Rougpelt[]

Arm 15 Rougpelt.png

Wary of the Core's massive efforts to protect the gate on Barathrum, the Arm commander took an unpresented action, and expended the vast quantities of energy necessary to send a scouting team ahead, before crossing the gate personally. The team did not return... The destination world, Rougpelt, had long been occupied by the Core, and no Arm personnel had reached the planet in over a thousand years.
— Mission narration

Arm map 15.png

Capture the Core advanced radar tower.

You are alone on this one Commander. The scouting team sent ahead must be considered lost. Work your way to any communications towers. If you can capture a CORARAD advanced radar tower, we will have gained valuable information concerning Core strength on this new planet.

The new planet is known as Rougpelt. Be aware that Rougpelt is prone to meteor showers. Stay alert! Your ability to capture may gain you some allies as you search for the advanced radar tower. Furthermore, the alien plant life may prove a useful energy source.

16: Stockpile at the Abutment[]

Arm 16 Stockpile at the Abutment.png

Pushing the Core back across Rougpelt, Arm forces were confronted by a tremendous wall of rock, which stretched from horizon to horizon. There appeared to be only a single slender pass through - the Core would certainly be waiting there...
— Mission narration

Arm map 16.png

Destroy all mobile units, and capture or destroy the structures in the stockpile fortress above the Abutment.

Core has the advantage in that they have knowledge of the terrain hereabout. We have pushed them back to the other side of the cliffs to the north. You must destroy all of the Core mobile units there if we are to continue to push Core entirely off of Rougpelt.

Be ever wary of Rougpelt's meteor showers. The Abutment will be a formidable barrier against your attack on the Core stockpile, but the barrier limits Core's maneuverability as well. A strong and well coordinated air/ground attack should do the trick!

17: Fortress at Brooban's Isle[]

Arm 17 Fortress at Brooban's Isle.png

The Arm commander had a firm foothold on Rougpelt, but defensive fortifications were strong as a result of the Core's lengthy occupation of the planet. They would be difficult to overcome. And now, there was a new threat: the Core had built a powerful nuclear missile silo, which was about to become fully operational.
— Mission narration

Arm map 17.png

Core has built a nuclear missile silo! Locate the silo and capture it.

Once again Core has raised the ante. Energy emissions indicate that they have completed construction of a large missile silo in this area. The silo is thought to contain missiles with nuclear warheads. We must capture the silo, not only to remove the threat, but also to gain the technology that it represents.

The silo is sure to be well protected, and may be found on what is known as Brooban's Isle. A combination air/sea force will be most effective.

Be prepared for meteor showers.

18: Vengeance![]

Arm 18 Vengeance!.png

Several months into the Rougpelt conflict, the Core surprised the Arm commander by capturing and holding a number of Arm units. This was an unprecedented tactic for the Core, who typically did not take prisoners. The captured units were allowed a brief communication with the commander, during which they indicated that the Core had connected their pain receptors, usually left inactive in combat units. It appeared, that the Core intended to torture and kill them, as the frightening demonstration for the remainder of the Arm troops.

Arm map 18.png

Core has taken hostages! Should the hostages be ill treated, it is up to you to exact vengeance upon the Core instigators. Destroy them all!

Core has captured Arm units and has threatened to make an example of them. Should they do so, you must demand vengeance! - don't build... Destroy all Core units on the scene!

This is Rougpelt, expect meteor showers.

19: The Motien Ramp[]

Arm 19 The Motien Ramp.png

The increased determination and apparent desperation displayed by the Core in its defensive Rougpelt, did not go unnoticed by the Arm commander. Rougpelt was not an especially resource-rich planet, which led the commander to suspect, that the effort had more to do with what lay past the next gate: CORE PRIME could not be far beyond.
— Mission narration

Arm map 19.png

Destroy all mobile units and capture the Gate intact.

Core has been pushed back onto the ancient earthworks known as the Motien Ramp. They have assembled a Gate there... perhaps the final Gate. Surely Core Prime, the Core homeworld must be near. Destroy all mobile units at the Motien Ramp, and capture the Gate there.

The Ramp will be well defended. Also, expect meteor showers.

20: Dump[]

Arm 20 Dump.png

The commander had reached Dump - the solitary moon, which orbited CORE PRIME and served as the principal repository for its waste materials. Thousands of years of garbage, filled once majestic cayons, endly strewn over the moon surface. Preliminary reconnaissance indicated that the Dump did not appear to be well-defended; presumably, the heavy resistance was being organized on the surface of CORE PRIME itself.
— Mission narration

Arm map 20.png

Destroy the caretakers, and still functioning Core units, and secure Dump for Arm.

Dump - the sole moon of Core Prime. Destroy all of the units that you find on Dump. We will launch our invasion of the Core homeworld from here.

There is no atmosphere, nor water on Dump. Therefore air units cannot fly, and sea units are useless here. This is a ground mission Commander. Also, Dump has been used as a depository for the damaged and destroyed waste of eons of Core war effort. Reclaim the metal that you will find lying about to build Arm units for use against Core.

21: Welcome to CORE PRIME[]

Arm 21 Welcome to CORE PRIME.png

CORE PRIME – center of the Core empire – was a bleak, metal graveyard. Organic life had been extinguished long ago... In the stillness, the low hum of electricity could be heard everywhere, emanating pirmarily from the massive computers which lay beneath the planet's surface. The outcome of the fighting here will determine the fate of the galaxy.
— Mission narration

Arm map 21.png

Destroy all Core units in the area. Establish a secure foothold on Core Prime.

Establish a base as quickly as possible, to defend against counter attacks. Then scour the area for any remaining Core units. We will use this beginning to bring about Core's ending!

Core Prime is a world encased in metal. A metal extractor will extract metal wherever it is placed. Metal should not be a problem, Core resistance will be! Move swiftly to eliminate all Core units, plants, and labs.

22: Battle for Coordinate 6551:447[]

Arm 22 Battle for Coordinate 6551 447.png

The Arm was in trouble: its forces were put at a severe disadvantage by the tremendous reserves of power the Core had stored on its homeworld. However, probes revealed a massive array of energy storage plants, located not far from the Arm frontlines. A successful strike against them might turn the tide, before it was too late.
— Mission narration

Arm map 22.png

Destroy the energy storage depot.

Core has a huge energy complex located at Coordinates 6551:447. Much of the power that Core depends upon to defend its homeworld can be found there. We must destroy that energy depot. It is hoped that the destruction of this complex will sufficiently weaken the Core's Central Consciousness that Arm shall prevail.

The energy depot consists of numerous energy gathering and storage structures across the sewage canals to the north. Cross over the canals and destroy them all.

23: Crossing Aqueous Body 397[]

Arm 23 Crossing Aqueous Body 397.png

Defenses on Core Prime were severely damaged by successful raids on Core energy storage facilities. Core forces fought with increasing vigor and desperation, as the Arm prepared to cross the sea, known as Aqueous Body 397. Across it, on the planet's largest continent, were Central Consciousness - the massive computer mind-cluster, which controlled the Core.
— Mission narration

Arm map 23.png

Push across the polluted waters to the Core port beyond. Destroy the port facilities and all Core units...

Across Aqueous Body 397 is Port Complex .016. Build sufficient units to cross the oily waters and destroy any fortifications that you find at the Port. Our final push to Central Consciousness will then begin.

The entrance to Port .016 is sure to be guarded - and we have lost the element of surprise. Core is certain to be ready for your assault. Losses will be heavy.

The thoughts of all Empyrrean are with you Commander.

24: Breakthrough to Central Consciousness[]

Arm 24 Breakthrough to Central Consciousness.png

Central Consciousness was a conglomeration of the minds of millions of individuals, selected for their knowledge and abilities in various areas, whose principle business was control and administration of the Core empire. It was primarily housed underground, in a tremendous computer, which covered most of the continent. Its size made direct attacks ineffective, but Arm intelligence had discovered the physical location of its distributed processing control center, a point of vulnerability.

Arm map 24.png

Take control of the dome at Central Plaza.

We have found the Central Consciousness that directs the Core War machine. It lies beneath the huge dome at Central Plaza. Destroy the guard garrison stationed there and take the dome. When we control Central Consciousness, Core will surely be weakened sufficiently for Arm to secure the final victory!

There are several entrances to the Central Plaza. Expect all of them to be well guarded. Expect the dome to be extraordinarily well guarded as well. Core defenses will be savage. You must be equally savage Commander.

Commander, you must stand at the top of the dome.

25: CORE PRIME Apocalypse[]

Arm 25 CORE PRIME Apocalypse.png

Central Consciousness was shashed, its control centers burned out, and the power systems in ruins. The Core commander and the remaining Core forces had regrouped to make a final stand; no quarter would be asked, and none given... The Arm would not rest until the Core had been wiped out completely. The fate of the galaxy must be ensured.
— Mission narration

Arm map 25.png

Finish Core once and for all! March your Commander to the top of the Core Command Dome.

Central Consciousness is ours! The Core brain is ours. There is one final blow to strike. We have Core's brain, now we must destroy its heart. We must control Core's Command Dome in order to finish this forever.

All that is left of the Core Empire has assembled in defense of the Command Dome. Core's Commander is certain to be there. Destroy their Commander. Destroy every last Core unit. Remember, even one Core mind left sentient may be enough to begin Core anew. Scour thoroughly Commander!

Stand at the top of the Command Dome Commander. Finish it.