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Acolyte of Anu[]

Acolyte of Anu is the Aramon advanced builder unit.


From the handbook (Page 37): Built by: Keep

These units are grand masters of Earth spells. They have three spells at their disposal: Earthquake, Meteor and Flesh Turned Stone. They also have the added ability to resurrect most units from the dead and heal the injured.


They can not resurrect the dead. The only Aramon unit that can do that is Elsin.

They also don't have meteor attack. Only Elsin has that.

The acolyte is an Aramon level 2 builder unit produced in the Keep.


By default they are set on their level 1 attack, which is earthquake. This can do more damage to their own side than their enemy, so its usually best to switch to their level 2 stone attack.

  • Earthquake does damage to all units and structures(not sure about walls) in the area it attacks.
  • Level 2 attack can turn anything they shoot into stone.
  • Their level three attack can rain down death over an area, killing friend or foe alike.
  • He will also automatically heal nearby units within range (providing you have enough mana in you reserve)

Things they can build[]

  • Advance lodestones which produce twice the energy as regular ones.
  • Pegasus the flying builder unit.
  • Gold dragon(limit one at a time may exist per team).
  • Grenadier.

Additional information[]

  • Its earthquake attack can damage buildings, as well as all units about, including air units. Some might assume that flying over an earthquake can't harm them, but that's not how the game is designed.