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Aircraft are aerial units available to both the CORE and the ARM; the CORE use patterning to produce aircraft run solely on an intelligence module, the ARM use clones as pilots to fly aircraft across the map. Aircraft are generally known for their high top speeds, long build times and poor armour, although they can simply fly over any terrain elevation unhindered. The aircraft in Total Annihilation all take off and land on the spot using the science of VTOL, allowing them to lift off quickly from the ground (which is when aircraft are vulnerable). Unlike other units in Total Annihilation, aircraft do not turn on the spot, instead having to complete their turns while flying slowly; however, they are able to be targeted by many enemy units while performing this action.

Due to their high top speeds and extendable sight, aircraft are most commonly used to explore the map and seek out enemy bases (particularly on larger maps). Construction Aircraft are the slowest builders because they can fly above other units, which makes them more suited to repair work. In order to build aircraft, the Commander (or any construction unit that is able to) must first build an Aircraft Plant.

Upon the addition of The Core Contingency expansion pack, another form of aircraft was introduced, called a seaplane; they are basically the same as normal aircraft, but have the ability to submerge in any body of water. In order to build seaplanes, an Adv. Construction Sub must first build a Seaplane Platform.

List of Aircraft[]

There are many aircraft for both the CORE and the ARM ranging from fast scouts such as the Peeper, to highly-destructive bombers like the Hurricane; all of which are listed below.



*Core Contingency units.

List of Seaplanes[]

There are only eight official Seaplanes in total, with four for both the CORE and the ARM ranging from airborne sonars such as the Vulture, to anti-air hunters like the Voodoo; all of which are listed below.




  • Although the Freedom Fighter and the Avenger are both built on the Seaplane Platform, neither can actually land in water.
    • This also applies to the Lancet and the Titan.
  • Despite seaplanes being related to aircraft, the Adv. Construction Aircraft cannot build the Seaplane Platform, with it being built by the Adv. Construction Sub instead.
  • There are Seaplane alternatives to all of the level 1 aircraft, except for the bomber and the air transport.
  • The Seaplane Platform is the only official factory that builds units from another factory.