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Aqueous Minor is a world of shallow seas and arid islands, the third planet visited in the CORE campaign, following after Barathrum and preceding Rougpelt.


At the time near the end of the war, Aqueous Minor had begun its dry season; a two-hundred year period where rainfall was almost non-existant as water collected and froze at the planet's poles. The sea levels dropped to the point where small islands began to appear above the thickening, salty seas. The barren islands and shallow seas of Aqueous Minor were the site of many naval battles between the ARM and CORE.


Since this is the first planet with water maps in the CORE campaign, naturally, this is where ships and naval units will be introduced. Like Thalassean and Nigh Pilago, the maps on Aqueous Minor have more water than land, and the islands have barely enough space to support a base. Metal deposits are sparse, but you can make up for that by building Metal Makers and reclaiming ship wreckages. If you are going to use Makers, make sure your Energy production can support them. Using Tidal Generators instead of Solar Collectors saves on building space on the islands.