Concept Aramon Capital

Aramon's capital - Kaulen

Aramon is one of the factions in Total Annihilation Kingdoms. Its Monarch is Elsin, who is the strongest.

Aramon is known for the strength of its knights and its mage archers, its strong defensive structures, and its trebuchets. Often, a player has only to build trebuchets and defend them to win a game, with enough of these able to easily take out all lodestones, factories, and defensive structures of the enemy quite easily.

Aramon also has the benefit of Pegasus, a flying builder unit having the ability to easily get anywhere on the map, and build barracks, watchtowers, strongholds, walls, lodestones, war galleries, and trebuchet. It can be used to get to mana sources quickly and build lodestones there. They can also build on locations where ground units cannot get to them. They can be used to fly about building walls to delay enemy movements. And of course, they are able to build the most powerful weapon in the game, the trebuchet, moving within range of an enemy target to set some up.

Strongest fighting unitsEdit

  • Knight: Great attacking power, great armor, fast movement.
  • Mage archer: Best archer unit in the game, groups of these can easily take out anything the enemy throws at you.
  • Trebuchets Longest range and hardest hitting range attack there is.


  • Elsin is the strongest monarch in the game, easily beating the other four monarchs on a one-on-one combat. He has the ability to fire lightning at an enemy, or the powerful meteor, as well as a devastating earthquake attack. He also has the ability to resurrect dead units, be they his or that of another faction, and turn them to his side. He can do this from any corpse or petrified unit he finds.


Even though Taros is the faction with the death theme, and Aramon is said to be against magic (except for its mage archers and mage builders, of course), it is Aramon's leader that can bring back the dead. Also, Elsin's first attack is the lighting, a characteristic that suits the Air domain (Zhon and Thirsha) more, rather than a land-based, Earth-elemental monarch.

Units added after the game shippedEdit

  • Elsin lost the ability to make war galleries and gained the ability to make a new unit, the Ark, instead.
  • Flying Pegasus was added, giving Aramon a flying build unit.
  • The Acolytes gained the ability to build a new unit, the Grenadiers.
  • Rolling Tower is a strong anti-air unit, able to load units into itself, and then unload on higher levels of terrain.