Upon its original release, Total Annihilation Kingdoms got many complaints about balancing issues. Significant changes were made over time, based on feedback from players. Some of these changes happened quite rapidly.

The final result were two balanced types of game play, for two different types of players. The regular one, and the Crusades balance. The only difference between the two is that Crusades balance prevents tier one rushes by having defensive structures do far more damage to them, and some units now have special bonuses against other units.

Major changes since the first release of the gameEdit


  • Originally the gate could only be summoned by mage builders. This changed so that only Elsin could summon it.
  • Anu: Deity of Aramon originally only appeared at random if an Acolyte was on the battlefield. Now it is something that can only appear if summoned by Elsin.
  • Trebuchets were given a shorter range.


  • Lihr: Deity of Veruna originally could only be appear by random if a Priest of Lihr was present, now it can only be summoned by Kirenna.
  • Dirigibles were made smaller to prevent them from crowding the screen, and their attacks made less powerful as well. They were also made to explode when they killed, hurting both friendly and hostile flying units nearby.
  • Skiffs were seen as a not-very-useful unit, so they were given the power to heal.


  • Belial: Deity of Taros originally would only appear at random when a Dark Priest was around, this changed to be something that would only appear when summoned by Lokken.


  • In the game manual it states that the gryphon could only be summoned by Thirsha the Huntress. This was changed so that only beast tamers could summon them.
  • Thirsha could also summon shamans originally, along with beast lords, this changed so that only beast lords could.
  • Death totems could originally only be summoned by beast tamers, this changed so that Thirsha could summon them as well.
  • Tammuz: Deity of Zhon was originally something that would appear at random when a Shaman was around. It now can only appear when summoned by Thirsha.