Barnstormer is a Creon unit in The Iron Plague, expansion pack of the real-time strategy franchise, Total Annihilation: Kingdoms.


From the handbook (Page 12):

Built by The Smithy
Flying unit - Reconaissance - No Weapons.

This is a tremendously useful advance scout for Creon. The Barnstormer is named for its passenger: daring pilots with little or no concern for their own well-being. The strict weight limitations of this flying machine do not allow for weaponry of any kind. It relies, rather, on swiftness to carry it away from danger.

Note: Barnstormer is known for being the most durable flying scout in the game, always in comparison with the Spyhawk, Bat, Gragoyle and Parrot units.


  • The word "reconnaissance" is spelled wrong in the manual; It is spelled in the manual as "reconaissance" (with only one "N" instead of two).
  • One of many units in the manual described as being built by "The Smithy" instead of just "Smithy" as with other units.
  • The word "Barnstormer" is an anachronism; The word "Barnstorming" & its variants originated in America during the 1920s with the sudden influx of surplus World War I airplanes entering the private sector along with a lack of federal regulations regarding airplane operations. This led to two main activities generally regarded as "barnstorming": Local display of aerial stunts & short-term employment utilizing airplane flights (usually taking private citizens in airplane rides or delivery services). As there was little aerial infrastructure in America at that time, most of these activities occurred in open farming fields near barns where there was plentiful flat, open land (hence the name "barnstorming"). To suggest that the Creon race experienced these conditions or similar to generate the same phrase is highly unlikely.