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Beyond All Reason (BAR) is a free/open source real-time strategy video game. Powered by the Spring game engine, it was created to uphold the legacy of Total Annihilation. Its gameplay is heavily based on Balanced Annihilation, another game running on Spring Engine, which itself evolved from Absolute Annihilation, a total conversion of Total Annihilation mod Uberhack to the Spring Engine. Beyond all Reason most notably introduces updated graphics, models, sound effects, soundtrack, and user interface, with the original aim to free the game from the proprietary assets of Total Annihilation.

CORE and ARM are portrayed as the Cortex[1] and the Armada[2], respectively. In addition to Chickens[3], there is a new faction, named Scavengers.[4]

Currently, the game is in playable open-alpha, with the multiplayer gameplay nearing a finalised state. It is still being refined on a daily basis in terms of the client and infrastructure, and the development team is currently working on a single-player campaign. It currently offers ordinary skirmishes, 2 survival modes, and a bunch of simple scenarios.



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