Cavedog Entertainment was a division of Humongous Entertainment, a computer game company. Humongous Entertainment formed Cavedog Entertainment (simply referred to as "Cavedog") in 1996 as a means to produce computer games for mainstream audiences.

In 1997, Cavedog released Total Annihilation (more commonly referred to as "TA"), a real-time strategy game that became very popular within the real-time strategy community at that time. The game continues to be fondly supported despite its age. The game's creator, Chris Taylor, left Cavedog shortly after to form a new company, Gas Powered Games, which in turn created the 'spiritual successor' of Total Annihilation known as Supreme Commander.

In 1999, Cavedog released Total Annihilation: Kingdoms (hereafter referred to as "TA:K"). Several fans of TA were disappointed in TA:K because it did not closely emulate the game play mechanics of TA.

In March 2000, Cavedog would release it's final product, an expansion set for TA:K called The Iron Plague. After this product's release, Cavedog declared bankruptcy and was dissolved.

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