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Cavedog Entertainment was a division of Humongous Entertainment, a computer game company. Humongous Entertainment formed Cavedog Entertainment (simply referred to as "Cavedog") in 1996 as a means to produce computer games for mainstream audiences.

In 1997, Cavedog released Total Annihilation (more commonly referred to as "TA"), a real-time strategy game that became very popular within the real-time strategy community at that time. The game continues to be fondly supported despite its age, which led to derivatives such as the Spring project and the Beyond All Reason projects. The game's creator, Chris Taylor, left Cavedog shortly after to form a new company, Gas Powered Games, which in turn created the 'spiritual successor' of Total Annihilation known as Supreme Commander.

In 1999, Cavedog released Total Annihilation: Kingdoms (hereafter referred to as "TA:K"). Several fans of TA were disappointed in TA:K because it did not closely emulate the game play mechanics of TA.

In March 2000, Cavedog would release it's final product, an expansion set for TA:K called The Iron Plague. After this product's release, Cavedog declared bankruptcy and was dissolved.