Chief EngineerEdit

Chief Engineer is a Creon unit in The Iron Plague, expansion pack of the real-time strategy franchise, Total Annihilation: Kingdoms.


From the handbook (Page 16):

Built by Academy
Mobile unit - Construction & Combat - Weapon: Taser, Stun Beam & Cryo Pulse.

This mysterious, robed figure represents one of the highest offices to which a Creonite scientist can aspire. This exalted figure is considered the ultimate expression of thought and action. Far from being a lofty, distant intellectual, the Chief Engineer has both constructive and destructive uses. The Chief Engineer carries a large tuning fork which he uses to phase units. The fork also serves as a weapon that delivers a sonic blast.

Note: A Chief Engineer can attack with three different ways, each one draining a certain amount of his personal deposit of mana. His first attack is a lightning bolt, capable of hitting both flying and non-flying targets. His second attack is a freezing bolt, much like the respective attack of the Mechanic. His third attack is a green beam, capable of paralyzing enemy units for a long period of time.

Chief Engineer can produce the following units/buildings: Mana Amplifier, Smithy, Academy, Aerial Juggernaut