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Complete Annihilation (later known as Zero-K) is a mod for the Spring project. It features a larger number of units than the original Total Annihilation, and various design changes. It has replaced artwork from Total Annihilation with something else, to avoid copyright issues.

Differences between other mods[]

  • Unlike some other popular mods, it keeps the original games ability of missile shooting units to hit ground units as well as air.
  • Also, as in the original, the commander and all build units can assist a factory, in producing a unit faster.
  • There is only one type of mine.
  • There are no metal makers. This forces players to fight it out over mineral harvesting sites, instead of just being able to build hordes of power plants and metal makers at their base.
  • You can set units to automatically retreat when damaged at 30%, 50%, or 80%.
  • You can play entirely with air units, and defeat an enemy.
  • There is the option of a chicken faction, which has various creatures swarming at you at various times.


Nano turrets have a build speed of 12. They can be built anywhere, speeding up construction of things, and production of units in factories. Also help with automatic repairs.


Core, Arm, chicken

Unique units per faction[]


  • Flying fortress is a powerful air unit, with a long build time, able to take a lot of damage, as well as serve it.
  • Shield generators

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