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Core Prime, center of the CORE Empire, is a world covered entirely by vast metal urban complexes. It is the first planet visited in the CORE campaign and the final planet in the ARM campaign.


Core Prime is a lifeless planet encased in a metal shell. No organic life exists on this world, as it had been exterminated long ago. Beneath the surface is a massive computer network that spans the entire planet, effectively making a massive supercomputer out of the planet itself. The bleak metal landscape is interrupted only by sewage canals and oily seas that were heavily polluted by the planet's heavy industries. The sheer walls house factories and storage depots, and heavy gun emplacements are mounted atop high battlements and along sewage canals.


Because Core Prime is encased in metal, a Metal Extractor will generate Metal no matter where you place it. The only problem concerning resources is building enough Metal and Energy Storage structures to stockpile more. Most maps on Core Prime feature high walls with sheer sides, as well as tight entry points to the bases. This makes it easy to defend bases. Some well placed laser turrets built atop the walls or just around the corner of a choke point can decimate strike teams before they reach the base. However, the enemy will be able to use this to their advantage as well. Work with the terrain and plan your moves carefully, and they won't stand a chance.