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Map of Creon and its dominions.

Creon is a faction in the game Total Annihilation Kingdoms. It was added in the Iron Plague expansion pack.


Long ago, after giving his kingdom to his four children, Garacaius left Darien, deciding to give up his immortality, and his empire, and start over again elsewhere. He focuses on learning using science instead of magic. Ironically, Creon's science and engineering is based on harvesting mana as a resource, which is also the power supply the magic-users have.

He uses his new found power to conquer these distant lands, and unite them in a prosperous nation. After his death, his people discover the lands of Darien, and decide to invade. This happens just after the long war between the four siblings happened in the previous game.


During the scenarios, Lokken is revived from the dead, and all four siblings unite together to fight this new threat.

The Creon navy consist mostly of Iron Clads, which are the superior naval unit. Their neo dragons are the strongest air unit there is. Setting up enough of their prismatic mirrors, can devastate entire armies before they are close enough to fight back. In player versus player games, if not taken out early on while they are still vulnerable, they become unstoppable.

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