Total Annihilation Wiki
Class SHIP
Built by
Tech Level 1
Metal Cost 887
Energy Cost 4505
Build Time 13368
Max Velocity 35.2 m/s
Acceleration 0.11 m/s/s
Turn Rate 21 deg/s

The Enforcer is a level 1 destroyer ship that provides basic naval warfare; it is armed with a twin plasma battery that deals heavy damage but can be inaccurate at range, as well as depth charges and a built-in sonar. It is also quite fast, though it turns just as slowly as other large ships. Its ARM counterpart is the Crusader.

Commander's Handbook[]

Destroyer “ENFORCER”
A destroyer has sonar, depth charges and a plasma cannon. It is the main anti-submarine warfare ship in the Core's arsenal.


Enforcers are efficient and reliable ships that form the backbone of many a successful naval fleet, capable of dealing with all forms of enemy naval unit through a combination of both of their weapons; the twin plasma battery serves as the main weapon and has the job of dealing the bulk of the damage to enemy forces, while the depth charge has the job of dealing with submarines and adding a little extra damage on top of what the main weapon is already dishing out to opposing ships.

Commander Commander
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