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Evad River Confluence
Evad River Confluence.png
Planet Empyrrean
Size 11 x 10
Surface Metal 0.027 me/s
Min Wind Output 0 en/s
Max Wind Output 12 en/s
Average Wind Output 6 en/s
Tidal Output 0 en/s
Gravity 112

Evad River Confluence is a smaller than average map located on the planet Empyrrean. The map consists or 3 segments of land separated by a river confluence, which usually limits games to having a player amount that's either a multiple of two or three; while the likely intended scenario for this map was to have all members of the same team share any particular land segment, battles with enemies sharing land segments are still possible.

Evad River confluence has many hills of varying sizes seen around its land segments, as well as a few minor dips in terrain that don't have an overly major impact on battles. Trees are relatively abundant, with a mix of both singular trees scattered across the land at regular intervals and a few clusters of trees found nearer the hillier parts of the land, all of which can be reclaimed for energy if necessary; additionally, there are rocks that can be reclaimed for small amounts of metal, though they are very few in number.

Despite Evad River Confluence's prominent river, Tidal Generators are completely useless on account of the lack of tides, this map being the only map with water where Tidal Generators do not produce any energy; another feature of this map and a possible explanation for the lack of tides is the low winds, where it is possible for a Wind Generator to be producing zero energy at any given moment. Metal deposits are quite common on each of the three land segments, though teams sharing the same segment would have to tactically share the metal deposits between themselves or risk crossing the river and encroaching on enemy territory for their metal deposits.