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Possessing the nanolathe ability of an Advanced Construction Vehicle, but lacking the ability to actually build anything of its own, the Arm FARK acts as a medic to troops caught in heavy battle, able to get to the front and back at rapid pace.
— Total Annihilation website
Class KBOT
Built by
Adv. Kbot Lab
Tech Level 2
Metal Cost 480
Energy Cost 3219
Build Time 7931
Max Velocity 25.2 m/s
Acceleration 2.16 m/s/s
Turn Rate 166 deg/s

The FARK (Fast Assist and Repair Kbot) is a level 2 Kbot that can help construct units with around the same nanolathe rate as an Adv. Construction Vehicle. They are quick to build and have a fast movement speed, so multiple FARKs can be built to easily help construct base defences and other units much quicker. The FARK is one of the six downloadable units created by Cavedog after Total Annihilation patch 3.1 was released. There is no CORE counterpart to the FARK.

Commander Commander
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