Gatling CrossbowEdit

Gatling Crossbow is a Creon unit in The Iron Plague, expansion pack of the real-time strategy franchise, Total Annihilation: Kingdoms.


From the handbook (Page 13):

Built by Mechanic and Sage.
Fixed Structure - Defensive-Weapon: Rapid Fire Arrows.

This building has an array of giant crossbows attached to a giant ratcheting wheel. This rack rotates and reloads automatically. This dangerous device uses an ingenious structure of wheels and gears to take aim in any direction. The assembly is housed in a stout structure of mortar, stone and wood which is resistant to enemy attacks.


  • The name "Gatling Crossbow" is an anachronism; The term "Gatling" comes from the inventor of the "Gatling Gun," Dr. Richard J. Gatling. Since the Gatling Gun (an early rapid-fire machine gun) was invented in 1861, it is highly unlikely that Gatling's name & influence would have been known to the Creons. More likely, Cavedog Entertainment may have used the "Gatling" name to convey the rapid-fire nature of the unit.
  • The possible inspiration to this unit might be the "Polybolos," an ancient Greek repeating crossbow. Although the two devices are different in their method of rapid-fire mechanisms (The Polybolos uses a chain drive to deliver multiple bolts from a single firing point, while the illustration of the Gatling Crossbow suggests that multiple crossbows are attached to a circle & repeatedly spun around to feed multiple & deliver those bolts), the two also share many similarities, including it's relative size & the tripod mounting.
  • Interestingly, this is the only Creon unit credited as being built by "Mechanic and Sage," rather then all the other units that are built by "Sage and Mechanic."