Total Annihilation Wiki
Class TANK
Built by
Vehicle Plant
Tech Level 1
Metal Cost 110
Energy Cost 887
Build Time 1737
Max Velocity 22.8 m/s
Acceleration 0.24 m/s/s
Turn Rate 78 deg/s

The Instigator is a level 1 tank that provides the basics of CORE tank warfare; fast and relatively small, the Instigator is useful in the early game for sneaking past other units and attacking the enemy base.

The Instigator is armed with a light laser, which doesn't deal a lot of damage, but is very accurate, even when fired on the move. This makes the Instigator quite useful against fast, lightly-armored units, such as the Peewee.

Its ARM counterpart is the Flash.

Although the Flash is considered superior to the "Gator", their speed is similar, as well as their damage output and build times. An ARM player should never underestimate an Instigator's effectiveness as a raiding force.

Commander's Handbook[]

Light Recon Tank “INSTIGATOR”
The Instigator is equipped with a light laser and has minimal armor.
Commander Commander
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