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Kbot Lab
Built by
CORCOM.pngConstruction KbotConstruction Vehicle
Construction AircraftConstruction HovercraftConstruction Seaplane
Adv. Construction Kbot
Tech Level 1
Metal Cost 680
Energy Cost 1250
Build Time 7000
Max Velocity N/A
Acceleration N/A
Turn Rate N/A

The CORE Kbot Lab is a level 1 factory capable of making level 1 Kbots; the roles of these Kbots differ, and range from construction to basic infantry. Its counterpart is the ARM Kbot Lab.

Commander's Handbook[]

Kbot Lab
The Kbot Lab can build Construction Kbots, and the first

level Kbots.


The CORE Kbot Lab's 3DO model as seen in 3DO Builder.

The CORE Kbot Lab consists of a grey triangular structure in the middle which acts as the 'building bay' for units being built by it. The building bay has three turquoise windows on top of it; one at the top, one in the middle and one at the bottom. Surrounding the building bay are four corner walls coloured with black and yellow stripes; there are towers on the ends of the walls showing the team color, with a flashing light on the bottom left tower. The CORE Kbot Lab has two nanolathes that are located inside the building bay and appear in the middle (one on each side). When constructing a unit, the building bay opens out into a diamond-like shape and splits vertically down the centre to reveal a turntable underneath. Two flaps on the building bay open showing the nanolathes, which turn to face the turntable to commence the building process.

Build list[]

Construction Kbot




  • If the construction of a unit is terminated via weapon fire, and that was the last unit to be built, the turntable underneath the Kbot Lab still continues to rotate even when the Kbot Lab has fully closed up.
Commander Commander
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