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Class KBOT
Built by
Tech Level 2
Metal Cost 29489
Energy Cost 116664
Build Time 382193
Max Velocity 12 m/s
Acceleration 1.08 m/s/s
Turn Rate 158 deg/s

The Krogoth is an experimental Kbot encountered by the ARM during the latter part of the first war that was added in the Core Contingency expansion pack. It has extremely durable armor, capable of withstanding seven nuclear missiles. Its main weapons are the Gauss cannons mounted on either arm, its secondary weapon is an Annihilator-type laser mounted on its head and its third weapons are two Starburst rocket launchers mounted on its back that are used as effective anti-air weapons. A single Krogoth can destroy a sizable ARM base if it isn't well defended. The Krogoth is built from its own factory, the Krogoth Gantry, rather than the Adv. Kbot Lab. There is no ARM counterpart to the deadly Krogoth.

While the Krogoth is the most powerful single Kbot in the game, its cost can be more effectively used on normal infantry and vehicles, which will wipe out the Krogoth within minutes. The Krogoth can, however be used to consolidate forces into one unit to beat the unit limit, and en masse can be effective in certain scenarios.

Dealing with the Krogoth[]

  • Spiders are able to paralyze Krogoths, but getting near to one without getting destroyed is a challenge in itself.
  • A more reliable (but risky) tactic is to get a cloaked Commander near enough to a Krogoth and then D-Gun it - as the D-Gun deals the most damage in the game (and exceeds all health values of OTA units), it will instantly destroy the Krogoth at hand, though because a Krogoth will explode violently upon dying, the Commander must also be a safe distance away.


  • Due to its massive size, the Krogoth cannot be picked up by any transport.
  • Despite being built in a level 3 factory (and its immense power), the Krogoth is actually classed as a level 2 unit.
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