Total Annihilation: Kingdoms shipped with four factions. A fifth was added on in the Iron Plague expansion pack. Cavedog released 16 new units after the game's release.


Unit Tier Descriptions
Elsin of Aramon (The Mage King) Strongest monarch in the game, lightning, meteor, and earthquake attacks, able to raise the dead converting any enemy to his side in the process
Wall1defensive structure, did not count for maximum population count after patch
Gate1defensive structure, could only face one direction, build only by monarch
Lodestone1building, harnesses magical energy
Watch Tower1building, range attack
Barracks1building, produces tier 1 units
Swordsman1melee unit
Horseman1fast moving melee unit
Archer1range unit
Catapult1artillery unit
Spyhawk1scout unit
Mage Builder1build unit
Stronghold2building, range attack
Keep2building, produces tier 2 units
War Galley2Sea unit, transport, range attack.
Trebuchet2long range weapon
Barbarian3melee unit
Cannoneer3range unit, can not shoot over walls
Titan3strong slow moving melee units
Knight3strong fast moving melee units
Mage Archer3range unit
Assassin3range unit, ability to cloak
Acolyte of Anu3build unit
Divine Lodestone4produces more energy than regular lodestone
Gold Dragon4Air unit, only one allowed at a time per team
Anu: Deity of Aramon4Takes a long time to build, only one allowed per team
Ark1Post-Release Unit. Only produced by Aramon's monarch Elsin. Ship with range attack, and high carrying capacity.
Rolling tower3Post-Release Unit. Able to hold units inside of it, can release them at elevated areas, range attack, powerful against air units
Flying Pegasus4Post-Release Unit. Flying build unit
Grenadier4Post-Release Unit. Able to use explosion, stun, or incendiary attacks.


Unit Tier Descriptions
Kirenna (The Sea Mage) Water ball, water burst, and water blast attacks. Can fire around obstacles. Also can swim.
Wall1Defensive structure
Gate1Defensive structure, built only by monarch
Lodestone1Harvest energy
Guard Tower1Building, range attack
Enclave1building, produces tier one units
Parrot1air unit, scout unit
Warrior1melee unit
Crossbowman1range unit
Priestess1build unit
Sea Fort2produces ships
Skiff2Able to repair other ships
Harpoon Ship2range attack
Flagship2range attack. Can build Tier 1 and 2 structures.
Marine Transport2transport ship
Man of War2range attack, can not hit air units, able to transport some units
Trebuchet Ship2long range artillery
Citadel2building, produces tier 3 units
Bastion2building, range attack
Floating Tower2building, water unit, range attack
Musketeer3range attack
Berserker3fast moving, melee attack
Amazon Knight3fast moving, range attack
Dirigible3flying unit, able to fire range attack, main attack is bombardment. Great line of sight.
Crusader3Well armored melee fighter
Priest of Lihr3Able to build the structures divine lodestone and pillar of light as well as the units ballista and Sea Dragon. Is also able to swim. Has range attack, the water ball spell.
Sea Dragon3only one allowed per player at a time, air unit, produced by Priest of Lihr. Has three attacks: Fire Breath, Water Ball, and Tsunami.
Divine Lodestone3twice the energy of regular lodestones
Pillar of Light3heals units nearby
Lihr: Deity of Lihr4takes a long time to create, only one allowed at a time, created by monarch
Centaur3Post-Release Unit. Stronger than Amazon knight, range attack
Ballista4Post-Release Unit. Mobile unit designed primarily for shooting air units
Lighthouse2Post-Release Unit. Gives a far line of sight, and has range stun attack
Mer warrior1Post-Release Unit A melee fighter able to swim


Unit Tier Descriptions
Thirsha the Huntress Monarch of Zhon, air unit. She can attack with a blast of lightning, ball lightning, and Wind Wave.
Lodestone1building, taps magical energy
Sacred Fire1building, heals nearby units
Death Totem2building, range attack
Beast Handler1Able to produce tier one units and structures. Can attack.
Hunter1range unit
Bat1scout unit
Troll1melee unit
Goblin1Fast moving cheapest ground unit. Bonus damage against structures.
Beast Tamer1Produces tier 2 units and structures. No defenses.
Gryphon2air unit
Harpies2air unit, able to capture enemy units
Basilisk2turns enemies to stone
Kraken2water unit, range attack
Beast Lord2Produces tier 3 units, also capable of attack.
Drake3Air unit
Shaman3build unit
Stone Giant3Range unit
Roc3Air unit, transport
Jungle Orc3melee unit
Wisp3Air unit
Ancient Dragon4only one of these units allowed at a time
Divine Lodestone4Produces more energy than regular lodestone
Tammuz: Deity of Zhon4Powerful unit, only one allowed at a time, takes a long time to build
Giant orm4Post-Release Unit. Bonus against buildings
Giant barracuda4Post-Release Unit. Water unit, melee attack only
Swamp beast1Post-Release Unit. Amphibious unit, very strong
Spirit Wolf2Post-Release Unit. Melee attack, able to turn corpses into smaller versions of itself.


Unit Tier Descriptions
Lokken(Necromancer) Able to cloak. Fireball, tracking fireball, fire wave. Can build all three unit producing buildings of his faction.
Wall1Defensive structure
Gate1Defensive structure, built only by monarch, facing just one direction
Lodestone1Harvest energy, Taros having energy generation bonus to produce more per lodestone
Mage Tower1Building, able to shoot lightning at enemies
Caged Demon1Building, able to shoot fireballs at enemies
Cabal1Building, produces tier 1 units
Zombie1weakest melee unit, bonus against buildings
Gargoyle1Flying scout unit
Executioner1commonly seen melee unit.
Black Knight1fast moving range unit. They do very low damage and are really weak. The only way these units can be usefull is in a large group, firing at the same target.
Ghost Ship1Air unit, able to go through walls, fired a range attack, able to transport other units
Dark Mason1build units, unable to fight
Abyss2Building, produces tier 2 units
Weather Witch2Uses tornado, thunderbolt, and ice storm spells for attack
Fire Demon2range unit, very good range and damage, best Taros unit for taking down towers. Their projectiles move slowly but they aim quite well. The unit dies easily against enemy attacks though.
Iron Beak2Flying unit, drops exploding eggs. These eggs are hard to land on moving targets. This unit is extremely frail and should mainly be used to destroy buildings, or take down big, slow siege units, who can't fight back, such as catapults.
Skeleton Archers2range unit, weak but they can be made quickly and have a reasonable range and damage output. Use them in groups so that they are able to get rid of one unit in a single volley of arrows.
Temple3building, produces tier three units.
Blade Demon3Powerful and rapid melee unit.
Fire Spouts3Fire breathing unit, can cloak
Sky Knight3Air unit, green dragons, able to breath fire
Fire Mage3Death Breath, Fire Swirl, and Fire Storm are its attacks.
Mind Mage3Single target or area attack spell, it can convert any unit to its side. Takes a long time to aim and doesn't always convert every enemy it manages to hit
Lich3Sends out an area attack all around it, friend and foe alike, even other liches.
Dark Priest3Advanced builder unit, able to fly, can bring back dead as ghouls
Ghouls3simple creatures that will roam about aimlessly unless specifically directed at a target. Made from corpses by Dark Priests.
Black Dragon4Fastest of the dragons, only one allowed to exist at a time per team
Divine Lodestone4Twice the energy production of a regular lodestone, and more hit points, made only by dark priests
Beliel - The Deity of Taros4Produced only by monarch, takes a long time to create
Fallen Angels4Post-Release Unit. Able to use death sword, fireball attack, and raining balls of fire down upon enemies, built by Dark Priests. Groups of Dark Priests working together can speed up production of this otherwise very slow to create unit.
Kamikaze rat3Post-Release Unit. Able to cloak, explodes when hit
Dark Hand2Post-Release Unit. Melee warrior, sturdy but slow. Able to turn corpses into Liches
Rictus2Post-Release Unit. Range attack, able to fly over water. Faster projectiles than the Fire Demon, but weaker range. Able to fire above some walls, provided it has a superior height.


Unit Tier Descriptions
The Sage Monarch is called "The Sage." Attacks are: Blue flame, mortar, energy blast. These mortars are the same type of attack that catapults use and are just as easy to dodge.
Wall1defensive structure
Mana Refinery1harvests energy
Gatling Crossbow1stationary range weapon
Gate1only faction that has a gate that can open to all four directions
Smithy1building, makes tier one units
Navy Yard1building, builds ships of course
Ghost of Garacaius Only monarch can build, deity to this faction
Barnstormer1Air unit, scout
Automaton1Melee unit
Tortoise1Simple tank, range attack, no artillery
Fire Wagon1shoots fire
Mechanic1Build. Has freeze attacks that work on some enemy units. +1 mana production for each one made.
Academy2Building, produces tier 2 units
Bomb Sprinkler2Fires bombs everywhere, acts as artillery
Prismatic Mirror2Fires a long range laser
Neo-Dragon2Flying unit, able to freeze units with its breath. Three attacks.
Shock Trooper2Zaps lighting at enemy. Often kill each other from friendly fire if grouped together
Beast Rider2range weapon, plus beast claw attack melee attack.
Chief Engineer2Advanced builder, +5 mana production for each one made, can turn corpses into automatons
Aerial Juggernaut3Instead of a dragon, this faction has a large mechanical flying ship that rains bombs down upon its enemy. Also acts as a troop transport able to carry 10 Beast Riders, or a greater number of smaller units.
Iron Clad2water unit, range attack
Submersible2water unit, range attack
Stern Wheeler2water unit, range attack
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