Defining the RTS (Real-time strategy) genre, Total Annihilation was a leap forward for these types of games, as it was the first to use 3D models, rendering and physics. Though the company that produced the game, Cavedog Entertainment, went under only a few years after TA's release in 1997, they did release two expansion packs and a more medieval-esque title in the series known as Total Annihilation: Kingdoms, which was unfortunately overshadowed by both the original Total Annihilation and the similar, more popular games at the time. Even after all this time, TA's legacy still lives on. The goal of Total Annihilation Wiki is to document all the information about Total Annihilation, including units, mods, etc. in a wiki-style format. There's still so much to do before we achieve this goal, but we're getting there, and that's the main thing.

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