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Missile Frigate
Class SHIP
Built by
Adv. Shipyard
Tech Level 2
Metal Cost 2283
Energy Cost 7628
Build Time 22126
Max Velocity 10.8 m/s
Acceleration 0.11 m/s/s
Turn Rate 21 deg/s

The Missile Frigate (referred to as the Hydra in the Total Annihilation manual) is a level 2 ship that can launch heavy rockets over long distances to attack; the rockets have even more range than Plasma Battery shells, making the Missile Frigate the rocket unit with the largest range (and possibly the largest range of all mobile units) and ideal to take out shore defence perimeters. It also has an anti-air missile launcher to defend itself against air harassment, as well as its own radar, though its firing range is actually farther than the radar's maximum radius. Its ARM counterpart is the Ranger.

Unfortunately, the long range Starburst missiles cannot hit moving targets like destroyers or cruisers, and the missile launcher is not effective vs. surface ships. this means that the only real task that the Missile Frigate has is shore bombardment.

Commander's Handbook[]

Missile Frigate “HYDRA”
This light ship has an anti-air missile battery and a large rocket launcher.


  • Prior to any patches to the game, the A.I. was able to build Missile Frigates in the regular Shipyard.
Commander Commander
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