The computer game Total Annihilation: Kingdoms featured a single-player campaign of 48 missions. The chart below summarizes each mission by number, name, which side(s) the player fights for, which side(s) the player fights against and the type of mission. As a result, this page may be considered a SPOILER as it reveals details of the storyline that a player may not have accessed yet.

# Name Fight As Fight Against Type of Mission
1All Hell Broken LooseAramonTarosMove Unit to Spot
2Victims, Not VictorsAramonTarosMove Unit to Spot
3Order OverturnedAramonTarosMove Unit to Spot
4The WedgeZhonVerunaEliminate Entire Opponent
5Black PeaceTarosAramonEliminate Entire Opponent
6Jungle ScreamsVerunaZhonEliminate Entire Opponent
7CleansingZhonVerunaEliminate Entire Opponent
8Without MercyTarosAramonEliminate Entire Opponent
9Unseen HandsTarosAramonDestroy Important Target(s)/Move unit to Spot
10Nightmare LegionsTarosAramonEliminate Entire Opponent
11Unholy QuestTarosAramonComplete Important Target(s)
12Ether FuryAramonTarosEliminate Entire Opponent
13Madness And DiseaseAramonTaros/ZhonMove Unit to Spot
14Unwelcome GuestsVerunaZhonEliminate Entire Opponent
15Rolling OceansVerunaZhonHold Out
16A New FleetVerunaZhonEliminate Entire Opponent
17Walking TowersZhonVerunaEliminate Entire Opponent
18WarZhonVerunaEliminate Entire Opponent
19One SwordZhonVerunaEliminate Entire Opponent
20LandfallVerunaZhonComplete Important Target(s)
21Ships of DoomVerunaZhonMove Unit to Spot
22Target PracticeVerunaTarosComplete Important Target(s)/Move Unit to Spot
23The Butcher of ZakumVerunaTarosDestroy Important Target(s)
24Terrible DiscoveryAramonZhonMove Unit to Spot
25BetrayalTaros/AramonAramonEliminate Entire Opponent
26We Are The FutureTaros/AramonAramonDestroy Important Target(s)/Complete Important Target(s)
27A Land Not Fit For HumansAramonTarosEliminate Entire Opponent
28Bury the DeadAramonTarosMove Unit to Spot
29Empty StreetsAramonTarosMove Unit to Spot
30Death SquadsTarosAramonDestroy Important Target(s)
31Slaughter of ShekeleshTarosAramonEliminate Entire Opponent
32BaitZhonVerunaMove Unit to Spot/Eliminate Entire Opponent
33Bury the DeadZhonVerunaMove Unit to Spot
34VengeanceZhonVerunaEliminate Entire Opponent
35Emen's MessageAramonTaros/AramonDestroy Important Target(s)/Move Unit to Spot
36Common FolkAramonAramonMove Unit to Spot/Eliminate Entire Opponent
37The Heart of TheshAramonTarosMove Unit to Spot
38A Weaving of ForcesAramonTarosMove Unit to Spot/Eliminate Entire Opponent
39Splendorous WingsAramonTarosEliminate Entire Opponent
40Burning Into HistoryAramonZhonEliminate Entire Opponent
41CollapseZhonVerunaMove Unit to Spot
42EscapeZhonVerunaMove Unit to Spot
43Precious CargoTarosAramon/VerunaMove Unit to Spot
44The Noose Draws TogetherAramon/VerunaTarosComplete Important Target(s)/Move Unit to Spot
45Beset With DangerTarosAramon/VerunaMove Unit to Spot
46The Heart Of ElamAramon/VerunaTarosEliminate Entire Opponent
47Sea ShadowTarosAramon/VerunaMove Unit to Spot
48The Heavens Will QuakeAramon/VerunaTarosDestroy Important Target(s)

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