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A mod (or modification) is a modification to the original game. Mods come in many different shapes and sizes. Some add brand new maps, units, and races. Others seek to fix longstanding issues and bugs that the official patches never got around to, while others still seek to be a total conversion. A mod is a collection of art, sound, and other files.


Many mod creators are content to create mods for themselves. Some, however, like to share their creations with other players so that they too can enjoy it. Mods can be shared with the community by uploading it to a file hosting site and sharing the download link with the community.

Some creators have their own websites from which they upload and share their mods. Most, however, use dedicated mod hosting sites. These websites typically have features that make it easier for creators to showcase their mods, and for players to browse and find what they are looking for.

A list of mod hosting sites, in no particular order:

Much larger mod projects might have their own website from which downloads are available. TAU hosts many of these sites; such as:

  • Devolution
  • Mayhem Inc.
  • TA: Escalation
  • Total Annihilation Zero

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