Total Annihilation Wiki

NOTA is a mod for the Spring Project.

It defers from other mods, as its commander isn't a guy able to move around, but instead a building.

There are builder structures which can be created within a range of another builder structure, such as the commander, which can then produce additional units.

  • AIR produces aircraft factories
  • LAND produces factories for Kbot, Advanced Kbot, vehicles, and advanced vehicles.
  • SEA
  • DEFEND builds base facilities
  • Unnamed produces all that the other four can produce

The Commander can produce basic Kbot and vehicle plants, and some base facilities.


There are two different factions, called 1 and 2. 2 has a factory which can be built to produce only one type of aircraft, the flying fortress, which is far larger than other aircraft. It can take a ridiculous amount of damage, making it virtually impossible to shoot down, and acts as a bomber.

Additional notes about gameplay[]

  • The nuclear gun fires a nuclear weapon which is less powerful than the standard missiles, however gets to its target faster, and can not be shot down by anything.
  • The DEFEND or Unnamed builder structure can produce a unit which can create mono mines and nothing else.
  • Although stationary, the Commander is still good at defense.
  • The game ends when the enemy Commander is destroyed.