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Non-Cavedog.png This page is about a unit that was not created/released by Cavedog. Elements in this article such as comparisons include only the unit itself, other units from the same and/or a related unit pack, and Cavedog's units.

Class TANK
Built by
Tech Level 1
Metal Cost 1052
Energy Cost 7984
Build Time 16534
Max Velocity 7.8 m/s
Acceleration 1.82 m/s/s
Turn Rate 59 deg/s

The Outback is a CORE 3rd-party unit created by TA-SECT as part of the Tortoise Pack. The unit is armed with a powerful laser and fills the role of a sniper, which allows it to deal significant damage to enemy units from a safe distance. A trait it shares with the other Tortoise units is its ability to submerge underwater, allowing it to travel from island to island undetected providing the enemy doesn't have any submarines, Sonar Stations, or any other units with a sonar at hand. Its ARM counterpart is considered to be the Widow, although the two units function slightly differently.