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Built by
Adv. Shipyard
Tech Level 2
Metal Cost 1448
Energy Cost 5481
Build Time 17767
Max Velocity 28.8 m/s
Acceleration 2.40 m/s/s
Turn Rate 103 deg/s

The Piranha is a level 2 submarine that specializes at taking out other subs. Its torpedoes deal less damage in comparison to the other submarines, though it has a significant advantage over them in that its torpedoes are guided and rate of fire is higher. It also has slightly longer sonar range.

Despite the large amount of metal and quite long production time, the Piranha is not particularly well armored. Two torpedoes or four depth charges is enough to destroy this rather expensive unit. It should always stay on the move during attacking and away from enemy ships, against which can do little.

High veteran status allows this unit to destroy other submarines with only one torpedo. A single Piranha can be a serious threat even for a few standard submarines in such circumstances, although this requires extensive micromanagement.

Its CORE counterpart is the Shark.

Commander's Handbook[]

Attack Submarine “PIRANHA”
This attack submarine is specifically designed to destroy other subs. Its sonar range is unmatched. Though it can shoot its torpedoes at surface ships, its smaller seeking torpedoes do not inflict as much damage as the normal submarine’s torpedoes.
Commander Commander
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