Total Annihilation Wiki
Class KBOT
Built by
Adv. Kbot Lab
Tech Level 2
Metal Cost 260
Energy Cost 2200
Build Time 3750
Max Velocity 18.3 m/s
Acceleration 1.20 m/s/s
Turn Rate 157 deg/s

The Pyro is a level 2 assault Kbot that is considered to be a stronger version of the A.K. It is armed with a powerful flamethrower weapon.

Although its weapon deals a lot of damage, the Pyro's armour is not particularly resistant. Nonetheless, for an advanced unit it is very fast, cheap and quick to produce. Its weapon has troubles with aiming at mobile units and has very short range, which significantly limits its usefulness; it can only really be used effectively against slow, well armored units, such as heavy tanks or armored assault Kbots.

It is worth noting that the Pyro is probably one of the most effective units if it's going about destroying enemy buildings, though charging at defensive structures is controversial, due to its poor armour. It is agile enough to avoid shells fired from plasma batteries, but these emplacements are usually well protected and the Pyro may not be able to get close enough.

Its ARM counterpart is the Zeus, though these units radically differ from each other.

Commander's Handbook[]

Flame Thrower Kbot “PYRO”
Pyro is armed with a short range flame thrower.
Commander Commander
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