Total Annihilation Wiki
Class SHIP
Built by
Adv. Shipyard
Tech Level 2
Metal Cost 2348
Energy Cost 7804
Build Time 22317
Max Velocity 12.0 m/s
Acceleration 0.12 m/s/s
Turn Rate 22 deg/s

The Ranger is a level 2 ship that can launch heavy rockets over long distances to attack; the rockets have even more range than Plasma Battery shells, making the Ranger the rocket unit with the largest range (and possibly the largest range of all mobile units) and ideal to take out shore defence perimeters. It also has an anti-air missile launcher to defend itself against air harassment.

Although the Ranger is very long-ranged, it isn't equipped with radar like its CORE counterpart, the Missile Frigate. It is, however, a little faster and more maneuverable. In order to maximize its potential, it should be escorted by radar unit, though as radar planes can be rather easily shot down, they may not be the best choice, so units like light carriers are much better in this role.

Despite the large amount of metal required to deploy this unit, the Ranger is very poorly armored. Four accurate shots from cruisers' plasma cannons or two torpedoes are enough to take this unit down, and often there will not even be a wreckage left to reclaim. It is advised to keep Rangers surrounded by other, more powerful ships, and have seaplanes or anti-air ships nearby in order to keep torpedo planes and submarines away.

Commander's Handbook[]

Missile Ship “RANGER”
Ranger has a guided missile launcher to drive off or destroy aircraft. It also has a pair of heavy rocket launchers for surface fights.
Commander Commander
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