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This level 2 Kbot has the power to bring units back from the dead! Just select a corpse and the Necro will ressurect it, then heal it to full health. Sophisticated radar-invisibility technology allows the Necro to get deep behind enemy lines to bring back dead enemy units as well.
— Total Annihilation website
Resurrection Kbot
Class KBOT
Built by
Adv. Kbot Lab
Tech Level 3
Metal Cost 376
Energy Cost 10164
Build Time 11416
Max Velocity 16.8 m/s
Acceleration 1.20 m/s/s
Turn Rate 167 deg/s

The Resurrection Kbot (referred to as the Necro on the Total Annihilation website) is a level 3 Kbot with the unique ability to resurrect any unit, including enemy units, that have been destroyed in the field of combat and restore them to full health; providing that the scrap metal of that unit is still there. Any unit resurrected by the Resurrection Kbot is effectively captured by it in the same way the Commander captures units. Each Resurrection Kbot also adds 50 to the player's energy and metal storage capacity. The Resurrection Kbot is one of the six downloadable units created by Cavedog after Total Annihilation patch 3.1 was released. There is no ARM counterpart to the Resurrection Kbot.

Commander Commander
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