Total Annihilation Wiki
Class KBOT
Built by
Adv. Kbot Lab
Tech Level 2
Metal Cost 65
Energy Cost 5471
Build Time 7899
Max Velocity 4.8 m/s
Acceleration 1.20 m/s/s
Turn Rate 226 deg/s

The Roach is a level 2 crawling bomb Kbot that explodes to attack; the unit is extremely slow although it can go all-terrain should the need arise and can be transported by other units for quicker access to the enemy base. This unit is single use as the explosion destroys the Roach in an attempt to cause calamitous damage to units in the blast range. The Roach is also amphibious and can be used as an unorthodox anti-sub weapon, because any sub that destroys it will be destroyed along with it. A transport unit containing at least one Roach can also be self-destructed to add mobility to the Roach's kamikaze effect. Its ARM counterpart is the Invader.

Commander's Handbook[]

Universally Deployable Assault Bomb “ROACH”
Roach has an anti-matter bomb. When it self-destructs, the huge explosion will kill or damage units everywhere in the area.
Commander Commander
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