Total Annihilation Wiki
Class FORT
Built by
Construction KBotConstruction VehicleConstruction AircraftConstruction HovercraftConstruction Seaplane
Tech Level 2
Metal Cost 584
Energy Cost 5398
Build Time 9575
Max Velocity N/A
Acceleration N/A
Turn Rate N/A

The Sentinel is a level 2 tower; it fires powerful laser bolts that easily destroy fast but fragile units and can also put a serious dent on tougher targets, all with a good firing rate. It has the shortest range among level 2 towers however, and drains 75 energy with every shot, so the player should make sure to have sufficient energy production for it to function properly. Its CORE counterpart is the Gaat Gun.

Commander's Handbook[]

Heavy Laser Tower “SENTINEL”
This two barrel laser tower is effective at stopping an enemy charge, but is out-ranged by units that can lob shells over the horizon. This means you can’t rely on lasers alone for defense. Also, its energy requirements are so high that it needs to draw on outside power to fire.
Commander Commander
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