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Seven Islands
Seven Islands.png
Planet Core Prime
Size 40 x 40
Surface Metal 2.304 me/s
Min Wind Output 0 en/s
Max Wind Output 24 en/s
Average Wind Output 12 en/s
Tidal Output 20 en/s
Gravity 112

Seven Islands is a Core Prime map that is mostly comprised of a large aqueous body, with the eponymous seven islands scattered around it in a rough heptagonal formation. As with all Core Prime maps, building a Metal Extractor or Moho Mine anywhere on the islands will generate the maximum amount of metal, rendering it unnecessary to build Metal Makers and Moho Metal Makers; Underwater Metal Extractors will also generate the maximum amount of metal on this map, despite it being available prior to The Core Contingency, as its metal income is tied to the global map variable rather than the values of individual deposits, a feature shared exclusively with Over Crude Water, which is the only other pre-Core Contingency Core Prime map with water.

Unlike the other two original Core Prime maps, Seven Islands lacks reclaimable objects and thermal vents, though while the former is a non-issue due to all Core Prime reclaimable objects giving metal, the lack of thermal vents and thus the ability to build four Geothermal Powerplants on top of said vents requires a player to build greater quantities of smaller energy generators until larger sources of energy generation become available. Like other Core Prime maps with aqueous bodies, the walls of the islands are too steep for units to traverse; so each of the islands has 2 sloped sections where amphibious units and Hovercraft can access the water, save for the centre-right island, which has 3 such sections. At a size of 40 x 40, Seven Islands is the largest Cavedog map in Total Annihilation.