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Shore to Shore
Shore to Shore.png
Planet Nigh Pilago
Size 29 x 4
Surface Metal 0.045 me/s
Min Wind Output 0 en/s
Max Wind Output 24 en/s
Average Wind Output 12 en/s
Tidal Output 15 en/s
Gravity 112

Shore to Shore is a coastal map situated on the watery planet of Nigh Pilago that is essentially a much wider version of Coast To Coast, with two shorelines separated by a large body of water; unlike Coast to Coast, the shorelines at each end of the map lead up to a cliff top where the starting positions of the Commander are located, there are also a few small islands located in the water body that can be utilised for various purposes. Though Shore to Shore was likely intended for 1 on 1 matches, 2 vs 2 team matches are not completely out of the question, though the map's small height and limited amounts of space on the shorelines and cliff tops can lead to things becoming somewhat cramped.

There are a total of 12 metal deposits on each end of the map, with the majority of them being designated to the shores and cliffs, and two deposits on each of the largest islands that are closest to each side's respective shore. The mediocre tides and average wind speeds don't allow for a strong inclination to prioritise one particular energy generator over the other, so building either a Solar Collector, Wind Generator or Tidal Generator will mostly fall down to what available space and resources can be afforded for each one; fortunately, small clusters of trees and plenty of foliage are present on the shorelines, cliffs and islands that can be reclaimed should the need for them arise, trees can also be reclaimed if more space is required to build something.