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Built by
Adv. Construction KbotAdv. Construction VehicleAdv. Construction Aircraft
Tech Level 3
Metal Cost 975
Energy Cost 48768
Build Time 181243
Max Velocity N/A
Acceleration N/A
Turn Rate N/A

The Silencer is a level 3 special tower; it attacks not by normal means like most other towers, but by launching ICBM-style nuclear missiles that cause catastrophic explosions capable of destroying most units and heavily damaging the ones that survive. The nuclear missiles has about a screen length's radius; the further units are from the impact point, the less damage they take. The nuclear missiles have about a screen length's radius; the further units are from the impact point, the less damage they take. The missiles fired by the Silencer must be armed manually and cost 11 metal and 1000 energy per second to build, but have global range and can only be stopped by anti-missile defense systems like the Protector and the Scarab. The ARM counterpart to the Silencer is the Retaliator.


  • Because the Silencer can attack, it has the ability to switch between firing modes like normal combat units, but is incapable of firing on its own accord.
Commander Commander
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