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Simon says, "Everybody freeze in their tracks!"
— Total Annihilation website
Built by
Adv. Construction KbotAdv. Construction VehicleAdv. Construction Aircraft
Tech Level 3
Metal Cost 1802
Energy Cost 52134
Build Time 111453
Max Velocity N/A
Acceleration N/A
Turn Rate N/A

The Stunner is a level 3 special tower designed specifically against CORE forces. It launches ICBM-style missiles at global range like the Retaliator, but deals no damage and instead paralyzes all units in the blast radius for up to 50 seconds; the farther units are from the impact point, the less duration. The missiles have no effect on CORE structures and ARM forces, friend or foe, in any way. They take less time to ready than nuclear missiles and are considerably cheaper, and can be used to render a CORE defence perimeter useless before an assault, or to make the enemy waste anti-missile ammunition before launching the real nukes. The CORE counterpart to the Stunner is the Neutron.


  • Because the Stunner can attack, it has the ability to switch between firing modes like normal combat units. Naturally, it should always be kept at "Hold fire".
Commander Commander
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