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TA-SECT (Total Annihilation-Supremely Epic Creation Team) is a 3rd-party unit-making clan consisting of four members who custom create units to add into the Total Annihilation player's game. TA-SECT also has their own website hosted under


These are the current members of TA-SECT at the moment (in order of joining):

  • M1Garland - Creator of the clan and the original Tortoise Pack.
  • PlasmoidThunder - Unitpic and buildpic creator.
  • Doombowser - Main programmer/scripter for the Tortoise Pack and the Crusader's Unit Pack.
  • Flame599596 - Creator of the Crusader's Unit Pack.

Note: The roles stated here are not the roles these members are limited to, but rather the ones they are best known for.

Unit packs[]

Unit packs TA-SECT have made, or are currently making:

Individual units[]

Units that are not present in any of TA-SECT's unit packs, but were still created, or are currently being created by them:


  • Creeper
  • Staller



  • TA-SECT received its own personal forum on TAUniverse on August 8th 2012.
  • TA-SECT is the most recent clan to be created for TA, being that it was created in 2011.

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