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The Cold Place
The Cold Place.png
Planet Gelidus
Size 16 x 11
Surface Metal 0 me/s
Min Wind Output 0.1 en/s
Max Wind Output 0.2 en/s
Average Wind Output 0.15 en/s
Tidal Output 20 en/s
Gravity 112

The Cold Place is an average-sized map located on the Arctic world of Gelidus. It is one of the original 37 skirmish maps and one of the three original ice maps, along with Anteer Strait and Etorrep Glacier.

The Cold Place is a completely flat land mass (minus the several ice rocks scattered about the area) with a large blue lake taking up a fair portion of the map. Hail doesn't pelt the area, much like Etorrep Glacier, so specialist units with pop-up functions aren't required. There is an abundance of metal deposits placed around starting points, though it is more concentrated in certain areas, particularly the ones located below the lake, though there is a lack of underwater metal deposits due to such features being introduced in further expansions. Being an ice map, there is only one geothermal vent.


As metal deposits are aplenty, Metal income shouldn't be too much of a problem, so Metal Makers aren't really necessary, though if the resource happens to start depleting, it would be wise to invest in Moho Mines. In most cases, Solar Collectors are the best source of Energy income early-game, though with the high wind speeds this map provides, Wind Generators will perform better for the most part.

Being that the majority of the map is taken up by a huge lake, building amphibious units and ships is a wise choice. Due to the small-ish size of the map, Big Berthas and Intimidators are able to reach across pretty much all of the map, and because there's no terrain elevation, it's a lot easier for them to hit their targets.