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In March 2000, Cavedog Entertainment released their final product, an expansion pack for the game, Total Annihilation: Kingdoms, called The Iron Plague. This expansion pack featured a new faction, the Creon.

The expansion pack featured the following additions:

  • A new faction, the Creon.
  • A 25-mission single-player campaign.
  • A patch that was already available during the Darien Crusades, with a few extra additions.

New Faction[]

Main article: Creon

The Republic of Creon was established by the Mage Emperor of Darien, Garacaius. Upon seeing the other four factions that he had created (Aramon, Veruna, Zhon & Taros) become reliant upon mana, Garacaius decided to build a faction based upon science and reasoning.

Single Player Campaign[]

There is a 25-mission single-player campaign included with The Iron Plague. As with the original game, the mission is told from a story perspective so that certain missions involves playing various factions instead of playing one faction exclusively.

There is a hidden mission included with the campaign that needs manipulation outside of the game in order for it to be played. This mission involves the Creon being victorious instead of being defeated. However, this mission is somewhat non-canonical to the Kingdoms storyline.