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The Pass
The Pass.png
Planet Empyrrean
Size 7 x 3
Surface Metal 0.027 me/s
Min Wind Output 0.6 en/s
Max Wind Output 18 en/s
Average Wind Output 9.3 en/s
Tidal Output N/A en/s
Gravity 112

The Pass is a map located on the planet Empyrrean with two flat sections of land situated either side of the titular winding mountain pass. At only 7 x 3, The Pass has the smallest area of any Cavedog map in Total Annihilation, though the in-game map dimensions claim that it is the same size as Coast To Coast.

Trees are quite common on this map, though most of them are planted on top of the mountainous sections of the pass, with only a few trees being scattered to the lands either side of it. Metal deposits are extremely scarce, with a grand total of four deposits split equally between the lands either side of the pass; because of this, team play is practically infeasible, as a 2 vs 2 scenario would leave only a single metal deposit per team member.