Total Annihilation Wiki
Class VTOL
Built by
Adv. Aircraft PlantSeaplane Platform
Tech Level 2
Metal Cost 364
Energy Cost 6588
Build Time 13722
Max Velocity 114.0 m/s
Acceleration 1.80 m/s/s
Turn Rate 67 deg/s

The Titan is a level 2 bomber aircraft that drops torpedoes rather than normal bombs, and so can only be used against ships and underwater units. The torpedoes will be dropped from quite a distance before landing into the water and gliding towards the target; as such, the Titan can only operate well in deep and open water bodies where there's enough room. It can also attack underwater units that are detected by sonar without being able to see them. Its ARM counterpart is the Lancet.

Commander's Handbook[]

Torpedo Bomber “TITAN”
The Titan is a torpedo bomber designed for attacking subs or surface ships. The torpedoes can do very heavy damage, but are unguided.
Commander Commander
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