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Total Annihilation Universe
#1 Independent Total Annihilation and TA:Kingdoms Site

Total Annihilation Universe (often abbreviated to TAUniverse or just TAU) is a fansite dedicated to Total Annihilation, Total Annihilation: Kingdoms and Total Annihilation 3D. TA Universe has been online since September 1998 and hosts many other fansites such as the TA Demo Recording Site and Total Annihilation Zero. It also has its own forums and hosts the popular File Universe and UnitUniverse mod hosting services.

Hosted sites[]

TAUniverse hosts multiple sites generally to do with the various (but now majoritally inactive) TA clans and TA mods, but also its sister websites, UnitUniverse and FileUniverse. The list of currently hosted sites is as follows:


  • Devolution
  • Mayhem Inc.
  • TA by Poosticks
  • TABA
  • TA Demo Recording Site
  • TA Enhanced
  • TA: Escalation
  • TA-Power
  • TA: Twilight
  • The Pack
  • Total Annihilation Zero


  • 187 Clan
  • AfterMath Design
  • AI Central
  • Armored Typhoon
  • Central Consciousness
  • Creation Matrix Units
  • Design-X
  • Final Frontier
  • Imperial Authority
  • Infusion Designs
  • InSaNe Systems
  • Mac TA
  • M.A.D. TA
  • Monolithic Incorporated
  • Mynn
  • PLU Clan
  • Quantum Design
  • Raven TA
  • Star Wars TA
  • TA Arsenal Network
  • TA by Switeck
  • TA Design Group
  • TA: Cataclysm
  • TA: Independence War
  • TA-Zone
  • Terror Maps & Units
  • The Lost Legacy
  • The UberCrack Shack
  • UberHack
  • Unit Review Central
  • Unlimited Units
  • Visual Designs
  • Warhammer TA
  • World Domination
  • Wormhole Productions
  • Xubor's Units

File Universe[]

File Universe is in its fifth incarnation as of 2013.


UnitUniverse is, as the name implies, dedicated entirely to hosting mods that add new units to TA.

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