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The Trebuchet Ship is a unit from Total Annihilation Kingdoms.

Built by: Sea Fort

Strategy: The Trebuchet Ship is a naval artillery platform with an extremely long attack range, and excels in its dedicated role of coastal bombardment. Trebuchet Ships can soften up enemy fortifications to prepare for the disembarkation of other ground forces, but may also support the latter by razing towers or other defensive structures they may run into.

For all their uses, Trebuchet Ships are extremely expensive units that are fragile, move very slowly, and are completely helpless against any foes that manage to get up close. As such, they should always be escorted by other ships such as Harpoon Ships or Mans of War They also require the aid of scouts like Parrots to make full use of their enormous attack range.

Unlike all other Verunian vessels, Trebuchet Ships cannot transport other units.