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Nick... THE REDACE[]

I'm a huge fan of Total Annihilation Kingdoms, and its expansion pack. I usally play with four or more player on my custom made maps. I like long games that require strategy of the units their use, vaulrabilitys and advatages. I do enjoy playing on land based maps, but will play ammpibeuos maps as well. I dislike water maps do to the fact that taros has no way of getting of his island, and the fact the Verruna is almost unstoppable.

My favorite race has to... Aramon.[]

His special ability to bring dead units back to life is impervious to my victory in matches. Though his ablility I usualy gain control of all or most of the races, by then no one can Defeat me. also his units long rang artillery is devestating against enemy units. I always use Mage archers or Cannoners or both, mostly to ambush my enemy before I'm spotted, due to both of them having excelent range. For rushes I mostly use knights, horsemen, or assassins, because of their speed and deadly attack, Add them and you get the powerful ability of closing the distance of enemy fast and killing them even faster.

You came for blood, I came for your souls. 15:21, March 27, 2011 (UTC)

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