Total Annihilation Wiki
Class VTOL
Built by
Aircraft Plant
Tech Level 1
Metal Cost 115
Energy Cost 2695
Build Time 5889
Max Velocity 84.0 m/s
Acceleration 0.24 m/s/s
Turn Rate 24 deg/s

The Valkyrie is a level 1 transport aircraft; its armour is relatively weak, so it is unsuited to transport units directly into the field of battle. The Valkyrie can't pick up ships or units that are submerged underwater, but can pick up hovercraft; it can also unload units into a body of water, provided that they can either submerge into or float above water masses. When compared to its land and sea counterparts, the Valkyrie is the least practical, as it can only carry one unit at a time, however, it is by far the fastest and is able to reach places that the other transportation units cannot. The ARM counterpart to the Valkyrie is the Atlas.

Commander's Handbook[]

Air Transport “VALKYRIE”
This transport can pick up a ground unit and fly it anywhere. If it is destroyed its passenger is destroyed as well.


A common way to use the Valkyrie is to load it with a Roach bomb, then fly it into enemy territory and order it to self-destruct. This requires precise timing, because if the Valkyrie is destroyed before finishing its countdown, it will do next to nothing. Another tactic which is often frowned upon is to use a Valkyrie to pick up an unaware enemy Commander and then self-destruct it, which may result in an instant victory depending on the game settings.

Commander Commander
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