Total Annihilation Wiki
Class VTOL
Built by
Adv. Aircraft Plant
Tech Level 2
Metal Cost 257
Energy Cost 6973
Build Time 15924
Max Velocity 144.0 m/s
Acceleration 4.20 m/s/s
Turn Rate 102 deg/s

The Vamp is a level 2 fighter aircraft that is a big step up from the Avenger in every way; its extremely high speed already makes it hard enough to hit even with anti-air weapons, and the fact it has better armor only helps to emphasize the Vamp's superiority. It slaughters any aircraft other than its own type, and given enough time or numbers, can tear down even surface units while suffering little damage. It is also equipped with its own jammer that conceals itself from radar, easily allowing for surprise raids. Its ARM counterpart is the Hawk.

Commander's Handbook[]

Stealth Fighter “VAMP”
The Vamp fires a pair of air to air missiles. It has stealth technology so it will not appear on the enemy radar.
Commander Commander
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