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A Vehicle is a ground-based unit available to both the CORE and ARM factions; the CORE use an artificial intelligence module to drive their vehicles, while the ARM use clones as drivers. Vehicles can differ from fast but poorly armoured scouting units to heavily armoured tanks that fire powerful plasma shells. In general, vehicles are well armoured and provide enough firepower to push back enemy forces and take down bases when used in mass numbers; on the downside however, most powerful vehicles are slow moving and have both poor acceleration and turn rates. Construction Vehicles provide one of the best nanolathe rates in the game.

In order to build vehices, the Commander (or any construction unit that is able to) must first build a Vehicle Plant.

List of vehicles[]

There are many Vehicles for both the CORE and the ARM ranging from fast scouts such as the Jeffy, to aircraft destroyers like the Copperhead; all of which are listed below.



*Core Contingency units.
**Battle Tactics units.
***Post Patch 3.1 units.
Unit names written in Italics are non-playable units that only appear in campaigns.