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Veruna is a faction in the game Total Annihilation Kingdoms.

Veruna has the benefit of fast moving affordable berserkers, to get to the battle quickly, using them as fast reinforcements.

Veruna's priestess are able to build mortars, allowing them to send artillery firing over walls and terrain barriers.

Flagships can be used to build floating towers in the water, allowing one to fire at enemies on land, while staying out of the reach of most of them.

If defended properly, Veruna's trebuchet ships can be quite devastating to an enemy, able to move around the coast and fire at all targets within range.

Veruna's own air unit(other than scout parrots and its Water Dragon), is the dirigible. Although easily taken down by most range weapons and fighting air units, it is useful for destroying lodestones that are not properly protected. Originally these air ships were larger, but in player versus player games, a large number of them could be made which would fill up the screen, making it impossible to see anything else, so the size was reduced.

Veruna's advanced builder, the priest of Lihr, is able to swim, and build the ballista.


[1] has the ability to move on land and water. Her water blast are able to go around obstacles.

Changes made after game shipped

  • Skiffs were changed to be able to heal, since they were previously seen as totally useless.
  • Priest of Lihr were given the ability to create a new unit, the ballista.
  • The lighthouse was added, allowing Veruna to have a farther range of site, and the ability to stun enemies that came within range.
  • Centaurs were added, they a range unit which took a lot of damage.