Watch TowerEdit

Watch Tower is an Aramon unit in the real-time strategy computer game, Total Annihilation: Kingdoms.


From the handbook (Page 35):

Built by: Elsin and Mage Builder

Watch Towers are a first line of defense for Aramon’s armies in the early stages of the war. Manned by capable archers, they can keep small armies at bay and are quite capable in support of defensive garrisons.

Tactical usagesEdit

Watch towers are good at stopping all tier 1 units except Zhon's swamp beast, which can easily destroy them.

They are useful in protecting strongholds against flying units. Some flying units are too fast for the strongholds to hit, especially if a player opponent is moving them about regularly. Flying units can also fly too close to a stronghold for it to target them, able to easily get past any wall defenses that keep ground units from doing this. So watchtowers are useful in dealing with this vulnerability.

Watch Towers do not have many hit points so they need to be protected by gate barracks or other units.

Main StatisticsEdit

Cost: 2751 mana

Build time : 30 sec

Hp : 5200

Weapons : - 1st archer 225dmg 2,5 sec for reload

- 2nd archer 225 dmg 2.4 sec for reload

Damage multipliers (same for both archers)

tier1 200%

fort 25%

factory 25%

stalwart 25%

mechanical 50%

naval 50%